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What would you do if you had a small to medium volume facility to design, manufacture, dye, finish and package lingerie and hosiery? You might create a standard range for your retail customers or become more adventurous with not so standard styling and colours. Your own branding, labelling and packaging will help you too.

With Fully Fashioned Limited you have every one of those opportunities and more. We offer a very saleable lingerie and hosiery range in a wide variety of styles and colours. If you wish to develop further we can offer labelling, packaging, unique colours and designs all to get you the lead over your rivals.

In todays competitive climate your business needs to stand out and have a proven product customers will want to order again and again. Our products become your products which become your loyal customers preferred brand.

Have a look through the website information to see how contacting us can help with your 'Wow Factor'.

Who are Fully Fashioned Ltd
We are one of four remaining genuine fully-fashioned stockings manufacturers in the world.
We manufacture seam-free and circular-knit hosiery.
We are one of few remaining lingerie designers and manufacturers still operating in the UK.
We operate a dyeing and finishing house for sample and commercial dyeing.
TEL: +44 (0) 1773 530 252 EMAIL: sales@fullyfashioned.com